الرئيسية | Français | Freedom of expression is not a crime ... #blogging_Not_crime in Algeria Criticism crime in Algeria!!

Freedom of expression is not a crime ... #blogging_Not_crime in Algeria Criticism crime in Algeria!!

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 Cringed at many national and international human rights organizations of the terrible retreat of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Algeria, after the political trials and harsh sentences against some of the bloggers and activists fields in various parts of the country, in addition to the intensive security pursuits in opposing the right of young people.

These alerts came after the issuance of the prison sentence of three years in the right of the President of the Independent National Union of electricityand gas : Mr. Rauf Mellal

was fined b 100000 DJ.

As well as the trial of human rights activist and political Abdullah Bin Naum and fined more than 10,000 dj with prison is in force.

As well as the recall the journalist Hassan bourras and the postponement of his trial.

As well as the imprisonment of the STRUGGLER CHALALI Abdul Aziz and bedidi Omar this refer to converge in a meeting and to the mandate of President Bashar and condemning what they called the grand corruption in the state.

Perhaps the death offree media , Mohammad Tamalet Media in Algerian prisons, rich from the definition of God's mercy. Blogging and opposition in Algeria, at the beginning of the war of power against the symbols of codification and opposition in Algeria.

It also witnessed the night before last November at 1:00, try the physical liquidation of the UNKNOWNS STRUGGLER Abdelouahab Belkacemi , in the batna, in addition to the harassment and trials on charges of imaginary political activist in the movement of the Algerian National Coalition of peaceful change.

Algeria also witnessed unprecedented Excesses, especially related to the imprisonment of all of activists; ali atar ; eltdjani ; adel ayachi ; abdelghani alawi ; The charge tampering with national security.

In addition to the arrest of BLOGGER SUHAIB gerfi ; Abdul Hakim dzd ; The charge of defamation and insult.

Omar Farahat called Kaki, the first was arrested and raised the issue of the detention of a wave of anger and condemnation among the youth in social networking sites, where he was arrested on charges of inciting the defamation of an influential political figures.

The blogger Marwan Arzaqi, ends, was the victim of a security arrests on charges of conducting anti-regime page destined known anty shita (greased) the ruling authority.

As well as Rashid Ouane and charges that had entered the prison.

And activist Tarek Mammeri was his views on Youtube, is a fugitive outside the country because of the continuing detention.

The militant al-tahir Bel-abbes activist accused of incitement to gather and breaches of the

blogger Amir Boukhris

Press Releases Manar supporters in 08 mai youth movement.

In addition to Sheikh Ali Belhadj and harassed and deprived of his civil and political rights, especially from the Friday Prayer.

As the trial of the Journalist and Blogger Abdel Moneim shitour this after refusing to innocent civilians in both Syria and Iraq.

A search of the blogger and activist Islam tabouche and confiscation of computer and mobile phone as well as the trials and harassment suffered by Algerian security.

Also, a search of the blogger and writer Anwar Slimani resident outside the home which was arraigned recently, science was tried in the case of breach of public order before traveling outside the country and sentenced to fines and imprisonment is not in force.

The blogger and human rights activism tarek Naoui.

Trial of Rights makkawi Taqi Al-Din through publications of Facebook

The blogger Aziz bekakria , accusing him of undermining the unity of the country.

Abdul Malik senigri ,

Activist Hamid Qira, member of the National Office of the Algerian League for the defense of human rights and the Office of the South, the charge of defamation and 15 million Centimes fine with 6 months suspended.

The BLOGGER NASREDDIN rarbou broke the record in trials.

The trial of political opponent of the Filer seglab said ahmed serve as a political trial privilege despite the absence of the details of his arrest, which was due to the burning of the national ID card, which is now outside the home after his despair and inquiries, the permanent security in the right organization condemned the war crimes against the great retreat in the political arena as well as the statement of the political activist seglab said ahmed restraints after a wave of defamation and advocacy to trial with racial discrimination is serious in his right.

Others say loyal to the ruling regime in Algeria that these young people are only a tool for serving foreign agendas par excellence the goal of striking elements of Algerian society and that Algeria space of freedoms, and the harassing and prisons and all what is related to the curb of opinion and expression, this he has threatened Interior Minister Noureddine Badawi associate members of the security sector is not responding to the Facebook pages of the opposition said that the Security Council monitor every nook and cranny of the social networking sites.

The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10 December 1948, the principles agreed by the international community, which includes the right not to arrest or arbitrary detention; the right to the free expression of opinion and beliefs and religion; the right to a fair trial; the right to life, liberty and security.

We strive for a world in which all human rights


freedom from you ...freedom of Algeria



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